Park & Guide Careers

There are those who can hunt, fish and otherwise live off the land in the northern wilds all on their own. And then there are those who can’t. Therein lies the major distinction between guide and client. That and the fact that the client gets to choose the guide, while the guide only rarely has a choice of client.

The perfect guide, of course, is much more than that, although it would be easier to nail wood smoke to a hunt camp wall than to develop an all-embracing job description. In this section, we try to conjure up the perfect guide for whatever outdoor adventure you might be interested in.

Also learn about other career opportunities working for the US Parks and Recreation, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Game, and other agencies that have jobs related to wildlife and the great outdoors.


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International Wilderness Leadership School

The International Wilderness Leadership School is a division of Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School, Inc. No other leadership organization has the technical background, scope of programming, and the hands on leadership and guiding experience of IWLS.