Illinois Parks

Illinois National and State Parks and Recreation

Illinois has no national parks, but it has 73 State Parks, 12 State Recreation Areas, 6 State Forests, 4 State Memorials, 2 State Nature Preserves, 4 State Natural Areas, 26 State Wildlife Areas, 2 State Wildlife Management Areas, 2 State Wildlife Refuges, 1 National Forest, 3 National Historic Sites, 5 National Wildlife Refuges, and 8 Wilderness Areas.


State Parks

State Recreation Areas

State Forests

State Memorials

State Nature Preserves

State Natural Areas

State Wildlife Areas

  • State Wildlife Management Areas

State Wildlife Refuges

  • National Forest

National Historic Sites

National Wildlife Refuges

  • Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Kankakee National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area  
  • Meredosia National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Middle Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge

Illinois Wilderness Areas

There are eight wilderness areas in the state of Illinois.

  • Bald Knob Wilderness
  • Bay Creek Wilderness
  • Burden Falls Wilderness
  • Clear Springs Wilderness
  • Crab Orchard Wilderness
  • Garden of the Gods Wilderness
  • Lusk Creek Wilderness
  • Panther Den Wilderness