Missouri Parks

Missouri State Parks and Recreation

Missouri has no national parks, but it has 44 State Parks, 54 State Forests, 8 State Historic Sites, 1 State Fish Hatchery, 2 State Natural Areas, 1 State Nursery, 72 State Wildlife Areas, 29 State Wildlife Management Areas, 1 State Wildlife Refuge, 1 State Fish Hatchery, 1 National Forest, 1 National Historic Site, 5 National Wildlife Refuges, and 8 Wilderness Areas.


State Parks

  • Woodson K Woods State Memorial Wildlife Area

State Forests

State Historic Sites

State Fish Hatchery

State Natural Areas

State Nursery

State Wildlife Areas

State Wildlife Management Areas

State Wildlife Refuge

National Forest

National Historic Site

National Wildlife Refuges

  • Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Great River National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Mingo National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Ozark Cavefish National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Pilot Knob National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Missouri Wilderness Areas

There are eight wilderness areas in the state of Missouri.

  • Bell Mountain Wilderness
  • Devils Backbone Wilderness
  • Hercules Glades Wilderness
  • Irish Wilderness
  • Mingo Wilderness
  • Paddy Creek Wilderness
  • Piney Creek Wilderness
  • Rockpile Mountain Wilderness