New York Parks

New York National and State Parks and Recreation

New York has no national parks, but it has 100 State Parks, 49 State Forests, 1 State Fish Hatchery, 1 State Wildlife Area, 1 State Wildlife Management Area, 3 National Historic Sites, 1 National Historic Park, 5 National Wildlife Refuges, 1 National Recreation Area, 1 National Seashore and 21 Wilderness Areas.

State Parks

State Forests

State Fish Hatchery

State Wildlife Area

  • State Wildlife Management Area

National Historic Sites

National Historic Park

National Wildlife Refuges

  • Conscience Point National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Seatuck National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge

National Recreation Area

National Seashore

New York Wilderness Areas


There are twenty-one wilderness areas in the state of New York, eighteen of them are in Adirondack Park.

  • Wilderness Areas in the Adirondack Park
  • Blue Ridge Wilderness Area
  • Dix Mountain Wilderness Area
  • Five Ponds Wilderness Area
  • Giant Mountain Wilderness Area
  • Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness Area
  • High Peaks Wilderness Area
  • Hoffman Notch Wilderness Area
  • Jay Mountain Wilderness Area
  • McKenzie Mountain Wilderness Area
  • Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness
  • Pepperbox Wilderness Area
  • Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area
  • Pigeon Lake Wilderness Area
  • Round Lake Wilderness Area
  • Sentinel Range Wilderness Area
  • Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area
  • Silver Lake Wilderness Area
  • West Canada Lake Wilderness Area
  • William C. Whitney Wilderness Area
  • Saint Regis Canoe Area
  • Slide Mountain Wilderness Area