West Virginia Parks

West Virginia State Parks and Recreation

West Virginia has no national parks, but it has 33 State Parks, 9 State Forests, 3 State Fish Hatcheries,  1 National Forest, 1 National Historic Park, 2 National Recreation Areas, and 9 wilderness areas.


West Virginia State Parks

West Virginia State Forests

West Virginia State Fish Hatcheries

  • State Fish Hatcherys

West Virginia National Forest

West Virginia National Historic Park

West Virginia National Recreation Areas

West Virginia Wilderness Areas

There are nine wilderness areas in the state of West Virginia.

  • Big Draft Wilderness
  • Cranberry Wilderness
  • Dolly Sods Wilderness
  • Laurel Fork North Wilderness
  • Laurel Fork South Wilderness
  • Mountain Lake Wilderness
  • Otter Creek Wilderness
  • Roaring Plains West Wilderness
  • Spice Run Wilderness