Wisconsin Parks

Wisconsin State Parks and Recreation

Wisconsin has no national parks, but it has 47 State Parks, 13 State Forests, 31 State Fishery Areas, 5 State Fish Hatcheries, 76 State Wildlife Areas, 23 State Wildlife Management Areas, 2 State Wildlife Refuges,  2 National Forests, 1 National Wildlife Area, 5 National Wildlife Refuges, and 7 wilderness areas.


Wisconsin State Parks

Wisconsin State Forests

Wisconsin State Fishery Areas

Wisconsin State Fish Hatcheries

Wisconsin State Wildlife Areas

  • State Wildlife Management Areas

Wisconsin State Wildlife Refuges


Wisconsin National Forests

Wisconsin National Wildlife Refuge Areas

  • Fox River National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Gravel Island National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Horicon National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Leopold Wetland Management District  
  • Necedah National Wildlife Refuge  
  • St. Croix Wetland Management District  
  • Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge

National Wildlife Area

Wisconsin Wilderness Areas

There are seven wilderness areas in the state of Wisconsin.

  • Blackjack Springs Wilderness
  • Gaylord Nelson Wilderness
  • Headwaters Wilderness
  • Porcupine Lake Wilderness
  • Rainbow Lake Wilderness
  • Whisker Lake Wilderness
  • Wisconsin Islands Wilderness