The U.S. National Park Service preserves 58 national parks, 390 parks, historic sites, memorials, and recreation areas that attract nearly 300 million visitors every year. Our U.S. national parks are repositories of the nation’s biological diversity and contain some of the last ecosystem remnants that are found nowhere else in the world. Explore US Parks Online

Shenandoah National Park is a beautiful, historic national treasure which includes the 105-mile long Skyline Drive, a National Scenic Byway. The Park covers the crest of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains for over seventy-five miles. The Appalachian Trail roughly parallels the Skyline Drive and 101 miles of this trail run through the Park. (more…)

Montana National and State Parks and Recreation

Montana has 2 national parks, 44 State Parks, 7 State Forests, 1 State Memorial,
1 State Fish Hatchery, 9 State Wildlife Management Areas, 1 State Fish Hatchery, 17 National Forests and 2 National Historic Sites, 1 National Historic Park, 1 National Wildlife Area, 24 National Wildlife Refuges, 2 National Recreation Areas, and 16 Wilderness Areas.

National Parks

State Parks

State Forests

State Memorial

State Fish Hatchery

State Wildlife Management Areas

National Forests

National Historic Sites

  • National Historic Park

National Wildlife Area

  • Benton Lake Wetland Management District  
  • Black Coulee National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Bowdoin Wetland Management District  
  • Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Halfbreed Lake National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Hewitt Lake National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Lake Mason National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Lake Thibadeau National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge  
  • National Bison Range   
  • Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Northeast Montana Wetland Management District  
  • Northwest Montana Wetland Management District  
  • Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Swan River National Wildlife Refuge  
  • UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge  
  • War Horse National Wildlife Refuge

National Recreation Areas

Montana Wilderness Areas

There are sixteen wilderness areas in the state of Montana.

  • Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness (Montana, Wyoming)
  • Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness
  • Bob Marshall Wilderness
  • Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex
  • Cabinet Mountains Wilderness
  • Gates of the Mountains Wilderness
  • Great Bear Wilderness
  • Lee Metcalf Wilderness
  • Medicine Lake Wilderness
  • Mission Mountains Wilderness
  • Rattlesnake Wilderness
  • Red Rock Lakes Wilderness
  • Scapegoat Wilderness
  • Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness
  • UL Bend Wilderness
  • Welcome Creek Wilderness