The U.S. National Park Service preserves 58 national parks, 390 parks, historic sites, memorials, and recreation areas that attract nearly 300 million visitors every year. Our U.S. national parks are repositories of the nation’s biological diversity and contain some of the last ecosystem remnants that are found nowhere else in the world. Explore US Parks Online

Shenandoah National Park is a beautiful, historic national treasure which includes the 105-mile long Skyline Drive, a National Scenic Byway. The Park covers the crest of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains for over seventy-five miles. The Appalachian Trail roughly parallels the Skyline Drive and 101 miles of this trail run through the Park. (more…)

Nevada National and State Parks and Recreation

Nevada has two national parks, 16 State Parks, 1 State Fish Hatchery, 3 State Wildlife Management Areas, 7 National Forests, 1 National Wildlife Area, 11 National Wildlife Refuges, 1 National Recreation Area, and 49 Wilderness Areas.


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Nevada Wilderness Areas

There are 49 wilderness areas in the state of Nevada.

  • Alta Toquima Wilderness
  • Arc Dome Wilderness
  • Arrow Canyon Wilderness
  • Bald Mountain Wilderness
  • Becky Peak Wilderness
  • Black Canyon Wilderness (Nevada)
  • Black Rock Desert Wilderness
  • Black Rock Desert–High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area
  • Boundary Peak Wilderness
  • Bridge Canyon Wilderness
  • Bristlecone Wilderness
  • Brownstone Canyon Archaeological District
  • Calico Mountains Wilderness
  • Mount Charleston Wilderness
  • Clover Mountains Wilderness
  • Currant Mountain Wilderness
  • East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness
  • East Humboldt Wilderness
  • Fortification Range Wilderness
  • Goshute Canyon Wilderness
  • Government Peak Wilderness
  • Grant Range Wilderness
  • High Rock Canyon Wilderness
  • High Rock Lake Wilderness
  • High Schells Wilderness
  • Highland Ridge Wilderness
  • Jarbidge Wilderness
  • La Madre Mountain Wilderness
  • Little High Rock Canyon Wilderness
  • Mount Moriah Wilderness
  • Mount Grafton Wilderness
  • North Black Rock Range Wilderness
  • North Jackson Mountains Wilderness
  • North McCullough Wilderness Area
  • North Pahroc Range
  • Pahute Peak Wilderness
  • Parsnip Peak Wilderness
  • Quinn Canyon Wilderness
  • Red Mountain Wilderness
  • Mount Rose Wilderness
  • Ruby Mountains Wilderness
  • Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak Wilderness
  • Shellback Wilderness
  • South Egan Range Wilderness
  • South Jackson Mountains Wilderness
  • South McCullough Wilderness Area
  • Table Mountain Wilderness
  • Weepah Spring Wilderness
  • White Pine Range Wilderness