Jedediah Smith Wilderness

West Slopes of Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, WY

The Jedediah Smith Wilderness was designated because of the unique karst limestone features, including numerous caves and outstanding scenery. The United States Congress designated the Jedediah Smith Wilderness  in 1984 and it now has a total of 123,451 acres. This wilderness is located on both sides of the Idaho / Wyoming state lines and is managed by the Forest Service.

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Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today applauded President Obama’s action to use his authority under the Antiquities Act to designate the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. …Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument » »

Agassiz Wilderness Area

Agassiz Wilderness area is home to over 300 bird species and 70 animal species. This wilderness area is inside the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge. Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge is located in northwest Minnesota in Marshall County. …Agassiz Wilderness Area » »

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

At Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska, wild rivers meander through glacier-carved valleys, caribou migrate along age-old trails and endless summer light fades into aurora-lit night skies of winter. …Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve » »

Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park sits at the base of the majestic Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona. The park is a haven for desert plants and wildlife and nearly 5,000 saguaros. …Catalina State Park » »

Glacier Bay National Park

From the bottom of the deepest glacial fjord to the summit of its highest peak, Glacier Bay National Park encompasses some of our continent’s most amazing scenery and wildness.

It is a land reborn, a world returning to life, a living lesson in resilience. If ever we needed a place to intrigue and inspire us, this is it.

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Horseshoe Bend National Military Park

Horseshoe Bend National Military Park is the location of a major battle with the Red Stick Creek Indians and General Andrew Jackson’s army along the Tallapoosa River in Alabama, which ended the Creek Indian Wars.

In March 1814, General Jackson’s army left Fort Williams on the Coosa, cut a 52-mile trail through the forest in three days, and on the 26th made camp six miles north of Horseshoe Bend. …Horseshoe Bend National Military Park » »

History of Crater Lake National Park

Local Native Americans witnessed the collapse of Mount Mazama and kept the event alive in their legends. One ancient legend of the Klamath people closely parallels the geologic story which emerges from today’s scientific research. …History of Crater Lake National Park » »

Mckinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park is located at the southeastern edge of Austin, Texas, around the confluence of Onion and Williams Creeks. There are two falls in the park, designated the Upper Falls and Lower Falls. …Mckinney Falls State Park » »

Wind Cave National Park Video

Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota was the 7th national park established in the United States. The wind cave is the 5th longest cave in the world and the largest maze cave in the world, and sacred to native american tribes. Nearby attractions include Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.


Mount Rainier National Park Video

Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State was the third national park to be established in the United States. Mount Rainier, an active volcano, is the most prominent peak in the Cascade Mountains, and it is covered by 26 named glaciers including Carbon Glacier and Emmons Glacier, the largest in the continental United States. …Mount Rainier National Park Video » »

Yellowstone National Park Video

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in the United States. Situated in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, it is best known for its thermal pools and geysers, and for its vast array of wildlife. …Yellowstone National Park Video » »